08/05 - VII Trofeo SM La Reina
Optimist:2005-2006The seventh edition of the Trofeo S.M. La Reina (HM The Queen Trophy) came to an end with a wonderful performance from the Leche Pascual crew, faultlessly led by Vasco Vascotto in the Transpac 52 class, and Pedro Campos’s outstanding Movistar in the IMS 500 class.
The seventh edition of the Trofeo S.M. La Reina (HM The Queen Trophy) came to en end with a wonderful winning performance from the Leche Pascual crew, faultlessly led by Vasco Vascotto in the Transpac 52 class, and Pedro Campos’s outstanding Movistar (who regains the title) in the IMS 500 class, together with Oliver Góngora’s Andalucía Te Quiere in the IMS 600 class, and Card & Oil Premium in the 670 class.
The Leche Pascual crew has clearly been in the lead in a class where the equality of the float has paid for any tactical errors, while in the IMS 500 group the Movistar crew has obtained five first positions in its class, giving Pedro Campos’s crew a well-deserved chance to regain the title they held in 2004. The IMS 600 class ended the championship with a triple draw, which finally tipped the balance in favour of Andalucía Te Quiere against the Ono vessel that was in the lead up until yesterday. Daniel Cuevas’s Card & Oil Premium was the winner of the 670 group.

Transpac 52: the Leche Pascual crew gives everyone a demonstration of its skill
Vasco Vascotto and his Leche Pascual crew have given everyone an extraordinary demonstration in the TP 52 class, with a well-deserved victory based on their great regularity and skill. This is reflected by their five first positions and one second place in the eight scheduled tests, ahead of Russell Coutts’s Lexus, which came second with five second positions and a first. Third place was for the Bribón of HM The King, which also won first place in the Corinthian (amateur) class. The highlight of the day was a collision between Russell Coutts’s Lexus and Paul Cayard’s Atlantis XV at the beginning of the regatta, which caused Cayard’s vessel to pull out of the regatta. While the Atlantis paid a high price by pulling out of the test, the Lexus crew lay in last place until their brilliant tactics took them to third place in the test, behind the Caixa Galicia vessel and Vasco Vascotto, who was unbeatable and won the day’s test as well as the general classification.

IMS 500: Movistar regains the title
Pedro Campos’s Movistar, winner of the 500 class, has regained its title with victories in three of the five tests held, and has comfortably won the championship it had already won in 2004. With five victories in the seven championships that count towards the Spanish Championship, the Movistar team showed a firm hand in the leadership of the Trofeo S.M. La Reina (HM The Queen Trophy), a position they held from the first day.

Behind Pedro Campos’s vessel, José María Torcida’s Azur de Puig managed to beat Fernando León and Francisco Sánchez’s CAM by one point, as they achieved second place. The CAM team paid a high price for its fourth position behind Banderas’s TAU Cerámica, which occupied third place on the podium.

IMS 600: the Andalucía Te Quiere crew wins the trophy
The Andalucía Te Quiere crew has established itself as champion in the 600 class by obtaining fourth place today. With the first three places of the general classification resulting in a triple draw (Andalucía Te Quiere, Ono and Fórum Filatélico), all-out war has been a dominant feature in this class. Iñaki Castañer’s Ono had lost its leadership the previous day to Andalucía Te Quiere. Gonzalo Araujo’s Fórum Filatélico obtained third place, drawing with the first two teams as far as points are concerned, and demonstrating the equality of this class. The best partial results of Oliver Góngora’s vessel tipped the balance in its favour.

IMS 670: Card & Oil Premium wins
Daniel Cuevas’s Card & Oil Premium was proclaimed winner of the 670 class, despite the fact that the day’s first place was held by Quum Comunicación, skippered by Sergio LLorca. Second in the general classification was Joaquín Blanco’s Atrium, followed by the Gaggenau team.

Groups C and D: the Brujo and Tetis teams dominate
Alberto de Castro’s Brujo has finished the day’s regatta in the same position as the day before, leading the C class with eight points. Manuel Lencero’s Sindicato Malvado scored two points, both in the day’s regatta and the general classification. Fernando San José’s Tetis won Group D, followed by the Totojt team.