A good performance from our Snipe fleet in the Princess Cristina Trophy
21 snipes competed in the Princess Cristina Trophy, four of which represented the Royal Sailing Club of Valencia. Sailing conditions over the two days were very similar: a gusty east wind reaching a maximum of 8 knots. Six stages were held in all. Due to the unstable wind conditions, the fleet frequently drifted apart and grouped together again, causing problems at the buoys. Highlights were the regularity of Fernando Muro and Miguel Frasquet, who obtained 8th place in the general classification, while 4th place was for Victor Izquierdo y Jacinto (who was just one point from third place). His lack of regularity meant it was not possible for him to obtain a higher place in the general classification. Each test started without any hitches, except for the third test when there was a general call and the committee, not wanting to delay the regatta any further, raised the black flag during the second starting procedure. The fleet was put to the test by winds that constantly veered by 10 degrees, resulting in constant changes to the provisional classification. Taking advantage of the high participation rate, it was announced that the Autonomous Region of Valencia Championship would be held at the installations of the Royal Sailing Club of Valencia, and participation of vessels from Murcia and Almería was confirmed.